dear friend_s of any arts,

„flug nach neu jork“ ( not: flight to New York! ) is a scenic novell, written by m.e. zaja in 2012.

after the recent civilisation has finished, the classical nations are all gone, small county- like structures are trying to organize whatever is possible.

a pilot and smuggler has reactivated an old WW2 fighter (the wooden dehavilland mosquito…) to do his jobs. lifting medics and vip´s from europe to the new found land … for money.

then the particular gouvernments are saying: we have to stop the new slavery…

order to the pilot: sink that slave transporter. warn the commanders, but sink them.

the next flight goes to the new shtetl, and the pilot and his secretly beloved passenger dive into a new quicksilvering world…

will they match again ever ?

world premiere: september 26, 2014, 7 pm
roman catholic church st. joseph, 44866 wattenscheid, geitlingstr.12, germany

the dancer and the musicians will do that performance as an collective improvisation. only the text saves the needs of any forms. every performance is unique. as that same old story …

Ivica Novakovic, dance
Adriana Kocijan, voice
Maria Jarovaja, flute
Ralf Kaupenjohann, accordeon
Markus Emanuel Zaja, clarinet