A Private View

dear friends of the arts,

day 2 of the remembering music for the victims of babyn yar massacre on rosh hashanah 5702 is now online.

it is an audio piece of art to listen to it.

plans have been made to fill up the babin yar ravine to settle some sports fields on the grave after WW II.

in 1961 a big mudslide reopened the site and many remaning bones of the murdered came up to surface again.

please see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babi_Yar

the sounds of the constuctional site are used with license public domain mark 1.0
please see: archive.org/details/aporee_27454_31640

recorded september 29 2016 at the small ravine of a mountain brook called borbecke in the south of essen, germany.

we have covered our faces with a morphed sound.