A Private View

dear friends of the arts,

day 2 of the remembering music for the victims of babyn yar massacre on rosh hashanah 5702 is now online.

it is an audio piece of art to listen to it.

plans have been made to fill up the babin yar ravine to settle some sports fields on the grave after WW II.

in 1961 a big mudslide reopened the site and many remaning bones of the murdered came up to surface again.

please see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babi_Yar

the sounds of the constuctional site are used with license public domain mark 1.0
please see: archive.org/details/aporee_27454_31640

recorded september 29 2016 at the small ravine of a mountain brook called borbecke in the south of essen, germany.

we have covered our faces with a morphed sound.



two lifes – remembering feigel and georg

dear friends of the arts,

the picture, taken in october 2015, shows a certain view to the main entrance door at haidgasse 5, vienna. direction to the street, captured while running downstairs quickly.

remembering feigel zajac (1901 – 1942 ?) and her son georg (1938 – 1942 ?), who have been deported to the transitional KZ izbica on april, 9th, 1942, in the morning, out of that door. killed probably later in the KZ sobibor.








dear friend_s of any arts,

„flug nach neu jork“ ( not: flight to New York! ) is a scenic novell, written by m.e. zaja in 2012.

after the recent civilisation has finished, the classical nations are all gone, small county- like structures are trying to organize whatever is possible.

a pilot and smuggler has reactivated an old WW2 fighter (the wooden dehavilland mosquito…) to do his jobs. lifting medics and vip´s from europe to the new found land … for money.

then the particular gouvernments are saying: we have to stop the new slavery…

order to the pilot: sink that slave transporter. warn the commanders, but sink them.

the next flight goes to the new shtetl, and the pilot and his secretly beloved passenger dive into a new quicksilvering world…

will they match again ever ?

world premiere: september 26, 2014, 7 pm
roman catholic church st. joseph, 44866 wattenscheid, geitlingstr.12, germany

the dancer and the musicians will do that performance as an collective improvisation. only the text saves the needs of any forms. every performance is unique. as that same old story …

Ivica Novakovic, dance
Adriana Kocijan, voice
Maria Jarovaja, flute
Ralf Kaupenjohann, accordeon
Markus Emanuel Zaja, clarinet



liebe freundinnen und freunde der künste,

die erste ernte von buch 2 ist da: flug nach neu jork.

am ende der alten zeit stiehlt der pilot ein flugzeug, und arbeitet als schmuggler, bis er eines tages in der großen stadt verschwindet …

ganz recht, keine gedichte, dafür viel gebrochene sprache, irrsinn und schönheit.

wird n toller film …


dear friends of the arts,

have a look to the first flush of book 2: flug nach neu jork  „flight to new jork – not: york…“

at the end of that old times the pilot steals a historic plane and starts to work as a special bootlegger. after the sinking of the slaveship and some other adventures he vanishes in the big city…

yes, no poems this time, but  a lot of lost words, insanity and pure beauty.

this is going to be an nice movie


01 fnnj 02 fnnj 03 fnnj 04 fnnj05 fnnj


liebe freundinnen und freunde der akustischen kunst,

willkommen 2013 !

dieses jahr wird wieder kunsthaltiger. auch so mit objekten. da bieten sich ja die uralten platonischen körper an, die in der neuzeit 1995 klingend zu sehen waren in der kölner galerie schüppenhauer, und in denen die 5 originalen solokonzerte für sopraninosaxophon mit einem solar gepeisten magnetischen schloß mit 10er tastatur  gesichert sind.

viel arbeit !

dear friends of artistry in sound,

welcome 2013 !

this year is going to see some more art in objects, not only in sound. renaissanced will be the 5 singular objects , platon said to them, they would rule the worlds.

1st presentation was 1995 at galerie schüppenhauer, cologne. including 5 live cdr´s with the music for sopraninosaxophone solo, enclosed in the 5 objects, secured with a magnetic codelock of 10 numbers, solar-powered

a lot of work to be done !



dear friends of artistry in sound,

just have found in an u.s. artblog, that helmut löhr passed away in december 2010.

below you se us joking at schloß burgk, where the concert piece situation deutschland  has  been presented in 2008, with my interpretation of his art at the silbermann organ (nowadays pay content !) of that castle.

thanks to helmut for 19 years of friendship, your finest and visionary character and many cool books and concerts, in which we could meet.

see you later at the bar with chan and bird …